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Research Axis

Activities overseen by the CRTP are focused around two axis of research: the first is the development of tourism, and the second is the vitalization and management of heritage sites. Both of which have two major themes.

Development of tourism 

Theme 1, Tourist destinations: Understand how destinations should be developed and managed in order to attract tourists and events while respecting principles of sustainable development.

This first theme implies taking the diversity of areas into account in order to attract tourists and host significant mobilizing events. Understanding this diversity enhances a destinations’ tourism potential and fuels existing research on success factors and on the impacts of different marketing instruments and methods (e.g. Tropical). In regards to cities, often the host of major international events (e.g. Sports), diversity is marked by the necessity of building dedicated infrastructures whose pre and post-event impacts are in turn becoming a subject of great interest in scientific literature, especially in relation to protecting urban heritage. Finally, this diversity has to adapt to an increasingly demanding clientele. The constant redevelopment of quality standards mobilises a significant part of research, especially given the complexity of parameters and stakes that come into play and their evolution over time.

Theme 2, Events and tourism practices: Analyze events and tourism practices in relation to the emerging challenges of the 21st century.

This theme underlies the diversity of events and tourist practices in relation with constantly changing environmental, social-economic, cultural and technological contexts. In terms of tourism supply in particular, public and private actors should constantly be looking out for trends and new realities in the tourism market, especially since this market has become increasingly complex in an era of sustainable development. Amongst other things, we are now beginning to notice the emergence of new forms of tourism (e.g. Social tourism) and innovative promotional strategies focusing on contextual approaches that in turn, contribute to the development of heritage sites and culture (e.g. Ecotourism). Studying and understanding these new realities has gone beyond the scope of tourism chairs and heritage observatories, and has now become indispensable. By addressing these issues, the CRTP focuses and directs its effort on “tourism development”.