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Presentation of the Research Centre

The Faculty of Management’s Tourism and Heritage Research Centre (CRTP) is one of UQAM’s many research organizations. Established on June 1st 2014, the CRTP aims to welcome, integrate and support research teams and researchers involved in the fields of tourism and heritage. The centre distinguishes itself by considering both its axis (tourism and heritage) as part of an integrated theme of research and by continually considering environmental, regional, social, cultural, technological, political and economic challenges associated with its various subjects.

The CRTP has five main objectives:

Researchsuport Encourage the publication of science-based collaborative research projects by supporting projects that fit this theme and that are likely to be funded because of their impact on public policies, society and the advancement of science.
Funding strategies Organize fundraising efforts with major granting agencies by consolidating its programming to increase the level of cohesion and impact of the activities overseen by the researchers and research teams affiliated with the center.
Training Provide an environment that welcomes undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and that offers the opportunity to develop their expertise by basing itself on the networking of young researchers, access to high-level venues and concrete means of disseminating research
Exchanges Provide a forum for exchange and integration of tourism and heritage research by institutionalizing agreements and research collaborations between researchers, research teams and PHQ from different disciplinary backgrounds;
Dissemination and transfer
Promoting the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and expertise in tourism and heritage studies through Téoros and other dissemination platforms operated by the CRTP’s research chairs (e.g. conferences, seminars, collections within publishing houses).