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Téoros receives a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

TéorosA Tourism Research magazine, has recently received a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) as part of the support program aimed towards helping scientific magazines. The grant is for a period of three years (2015-2018). The funding agency recognizes the importance of scientific magazines in “promoting discussions and reflections of an intellectual nature.”

The magazine, founded in 1982, will continue contributing to the development of scientific work in the field of tourism from a multidisciplinary perspective by asserting itself as a leader in this field of research in the francophone world. It is worth mentioning that the Téoros magazine is one of the five institutional magazines distributed by UQAM and that it is supported by the Department of Urban Studies and Tourism, by the School of Management, and by the Tourism and Heritage Research Center, of which it is an active members.

Martin Drouin, a professor from the Department of Urban studies and tourism, is the director and the editor of this magazine.

The CRTP’s official launch

On October 20th 2014, the CRTP held its official launch party at the Pub l’Île Noire.  This event allowed the centers’ researchers, students and stakeholders to share their research ideas and upcoming projects.  Notable attendees were Carlos Vogeler, director and Executive Secretary of the relations with members of the UNWTO as well as with Nathalie Drouin, vice-dean of research at UQAM’s school of management (ESG).

Lancement du CRTP

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Agreement between UQAM’s School of Management and the World Tourism Organization

October 2014 – UQÀM’s School of Management and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) signed an agreement on October 20th to enable the advancement of research in the field of tourism. This partnership primarily focuses on four areas of expertise: adaptation to climate change in tourism, tourism and sustainable development, heritage and culture, and accessibility in tourism. Read more

The CRTP launches its writing papers series

Septembre 2014 – The CRTP’s writing papers are  used to broadcast the current work and research of its members. The first paper entitled, A Comprehensive Strategy to Identify Indicators of Sustainable Heritage Conservation by G.A. Tanguay, E. Berthold and J. Rajaonson, is now available here.  New writing papers will be added in the upcoming weeks and will be available on the Working Papers section of the CRTP’s website.

Professor Priscilla Ananian publishes a book entitled «Bruxelles, région de l’innovation»

Priscilla Ananian(p)

Professor Priscilla Ananian publishes a new book entitled «Bruxelles, région de l’innovation | Évolution et perspectives de développement des centralités bruxelloises».

This book is intended for those interested in problems related to densification and urban integration of the knowledge-based economy, for actors of socio-economic development, as well as for researchers in urban studies, urban planning, environmental design, geography and sociology.

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The UQAM Foundation receives $ 110,000 from Parc Safari.


June 2014 – Parc Safari donates $ 110,000 to the UQAM Foundation for the new Tourism and Heritage Research Centre (CRTP) at ESG UQAM. The announcement was made ​​public during a ceremony held in UQAM’s Management Faculty, notable attendees were Jean-Pierre Ranger, President of Parc Safari, Rene Cote, Vice Rector of student life at UQAM, and Stéphane Pallage, Dean of the faculty of management.



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Two awards for a thesis by Guillaume Éthier


May 2014 – Guillaume Ethier receives the 2o14 Phyllis Lambert award and the Jean-Pierre Collin award for his research in urban studies. Guillaume Ethier, a recent Ph.D. graduate in Urban Studies has won two awards for his thesis.  His thesis will also shortly become the subject of a book that will be published by the Presses Universitaires du Québec.  Under the direction of professors Lucie K. Morisset and Jean-François Côté, Guillaume Ethier’s thesis, entitled «L’icône autopoïétique: l’architecture de la renaissance culturelle à Toronto (1999-2010)», has received the 2o14 Phyllis Lambert award and the Jean-Pierre Collin award.


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Professor Georges A. Tanguay receives a Best Paper Award

Georges A. Tanguay From the Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development during the International Conference on Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historical Buildings and Structures – REHAB 2014 – held in Portugal.Read more