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June 7-10th, 2016, Montreal – What does heritage change?

The third ACHS Conference considers the manifestations, discourses, epistemologies, policies, and stakes of heritage—as a phenomenon, a symptom, an effect or a catalyst; as a tool of empowerment or leverage; as a physical or intangible restraint or kick-off; in communities, societies, or any material or mental environment. Subthemes range from gender-related issues to identity-making, mythologies of cultural diversity and the rethinking of heritage policies beyond the authorized heritage discourse. For more information click here.

Previous Events

March 13, 2015, Montreal – Neighbourhood Tourism

The seminar will offer a unique opportunity to reflect and exchange ideas on the creation of tourism in urban neighbourhoods, on the role these neighbourhoods play in the tourism city, and on the merit of restoring these areas in order to enhance their identity. For more information, and further details of the event click here.

November 18, 2014, Montreal – Montréal et Bruxelles en projet | International Symposium on urban densification, projects and heritage.

This conference, entitled Montréal et Bruxelles en projet, is organized by the réseau Villes, régions, monde (VRM) at UQAM’s school of Management (ESG-UQAM). It offers a unique opportunity for researchers from both Montreal and Brussels to exchange findings and ideas related to the management and development of their respective cities and metropolitan areas. The goal of this event is mainly to ensure the creation and facilitation of a learning platform for issues related to urban densification and the development of urban projects by means of research networks in Montreal and in Brussels such as government agencies, and professional associations concerned with urban development and management.

For more information, visit the website.

October 19th – 22nd 2014, Montreal – World Summit Destinations for All

The first World Summit Destinations for all will be held in Montreal from October 19th to 22nd.  This large scale event will host experts from both fields of tourism and universal accessibility in order to discuss the underlining theme of the summit: accessible tourism. For more information, click here.

October 17th – 18th 2014, Montreal – Second Annual Conference on Tourism in the Arab World

This event is organized by the Network of Expert-Researchers on Arab Tourism (NEAT) as part of the “World Summit Destination for All”, in Montreal, under the theme “Tourism and Leisure in the Arab World – The Organization, Development, Management and Enhancement of Territories.” For more information, click here.

October 6th – 7th 2014, Montreal- Imaginary of Gastronomy

The objective of the Imaginary of Gastronomy symposium is to question the values, references, sensory behaviours, views, expectations and identities attached to gastronomy and to all the infatuations that it raises. In a world where economic, cultural, sanitary and touristic challenges in the agricultural sector, agro-industrial sector and culinary sector are recurring matters in government public policies, we believe it pertinent to generate new information.  This new knowledge, which we wish to produce will not only, benefit forthcoming research, but will also be used to analyze current topics and activities in the economic sector (eg. culture, tourism, industries and business). The program will include: presentations from local researchers, Canadian researchers and internationally renowned researchers, as well as a round table discussion with culinary and tourism professionals. For more information, click here.

October 3rd to 5th 2014, Montreal – Tenth International Conference for Young Heritage Researchers: Heritage and Cultural Diversity

Since 2005, this international conference invites young researchers to present their findings on various aspects of heritage. This year the conference will be held from October 3rd to 5th at the University du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), in the J.-A. DeSeve building /// room DS-195. For more information, click here.

August 12th 2014, Beauharnois – Regional Seminar on the Future of Churches

The regional seminar on the future of churches is offered as a part of “l’École d’été du patrimoine 2014” Organized by the Regional Museum of Vaudreuil-Soulanges.  The seminar was held at the Church of St. Clement de Beauharnois, on 183 Chemin Saint-Louis.  For further information, click here.